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Agriculture and Eco-Farming

Addressing the rapidly growing demand for high-quality organic and ecologically friendly natural products is Poland’s PLN 400 million, thoroughly developed agriculture and eco-farming market. Home to a quickly expanding number of producers and growers, the eco-product industry has more than quadrupled since 2004, with approximately 17,138 farms exporting their goods around the globe. According to the market specialists, the market will be in 3 years growing at a rate of 100-150% annually and will be worth roughly between PLN 800 million and PLN 1 billion.


Food and Beverages Products

Polish food has a brand and reputation and finds full recognition on the West European and the USA markets. In the offer for export there are, among others, the excellent honey with tastes not known in other countries like different kind of honey, delicacies as rose jams or jams of rose shreds or the products unique in taste of forest mushrooms; cheeses and milk products, ham and sausages, sweats and many others.

Food products are produced according to the traditional recipes allowing to keep unique taste of the food.

The main factor, thankful to which we can be really competitive on the world market, is agriculture traditional and ecological.




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